The new vaccine passport and the rise of the fake documents market

The advance of immunization in developed and developing countries brings a hopeful deceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. As this occurs, it is natural that we observe a favorable movement to the reopening of several economic sectors through the flexibilization of access, with restrictions for national and international displacement. Countries with a large percentage of the population vaccinated are already reopening their borders and also their collective spaces for shops, restaurants, bars, festive and sporting events with little or no restriction on occupation and/or opening hours.

Given the difficulty of a slower reopening, it was expected that the process would be accompanied by measures and requirements that ensure caution and safety. The way found by some countries with high vaccination rates – such as the USA, France, Australia, Israel, among others – to ensure that this movement did not mean a sudden increase in cases, and consequent increase in deaths, was the creation and the obligation of the vaccine passport for entry into collective spaces.